5 Ways to Cultivate Carnations and Complete Care

By | October 6, 2019

Carnation is one of the cut flowers which has a high economic value and is widely used as decorative flowers, bouquets, and table flowers. Even though the price is quite expensive, the carnation interest offered by carnation in the market is always high.

Carnations can live 18-20 months with a maximum height of plants that can reach 2 meters. Here are 5 ways to cultivate carnations as cut flowers

Knowing Growing Provisions
Although Indonesia is a tropical country that is very supportive of the growth of all types of ornamental plants as well as how to grow geraniums. Carnations have growing requirements with ideal locations like the following:

Altitude of 1000 – 1200 meters above sea level.
The ideal temperature is 25-30 degrees Celsius.
It has a soil pH of 6-7.
If we agreed to be planted at these heights, the plants will not grow optimally and even die.
The ideal location in areas such as the hilltop, Cibodas, and Cianjur.

Preparing Carnation Flower Tools and Materials
You can use the pot to be more intensive and save land. So the tools and materials that you have to prepare include:

Large diameter planting pots above 35 cm.
Pot can be of plastic or tile.
Hoe plants and sieving tools.
Plant seeds can be purchased at the farm shop or ordered online.
Growing media consists of soil, compost, and sand to form 1: 1: 1.
Fungicides and pesticides
Water and handsprayer.

It’s Carnation Flower Time
The next stage is to cultivate carnations. Follow the complete details as follows:

Clean the planting pot to be used, and if necessary soak the pot in a 5g / l fungicide solution for 15-20 minutes.
After that, dry the dry pot.
Mix the planting media mixture that has been prepared earlier, mix it completely and take only the smooth parts.
After inserting the growing media into the planting pot, fill it fully to the surface of the pan.
Then the seeds that have been prepared can be planted directly into the pot by planting 4-5 seeds in each pot.
This is done to maintain if there are plants that do not grow. And when the plants are mature enough, they can be moved to other individual pots.
After planting, place the pot in the shade and do not need direct sunlight.
Do watering every day so that plants can germinate and grow quickly.

Care and Maintenance
Maintenance and care that must be done include:

Do watering at least 2 times a day. Do not let the planting media dry out because it will be harmful to plant life. Watering is avoided in the morning before seven and in the afternoon after 5 pm. Flush the plants until it’s saturated, and the water comes out of the hole in the pot. Don’t let the air remember because it will activate the root rot.

The first fertilization can be done when the plants run 2 weeks after planting. Giving 2g Urea fertilizer, 0.1g TSP, 2g ZA, and 1g KNO3 into 1 liter of air. Sprinkle goto root plant. Every 1 liter of fertilizer can only be given to 5 potted plants. Perform regular fertilization with a frequency every 2 weeks.

Pest Control
Carnations are very susceptible to Fusarium disease or wilting. To overcome this, you can give Basamid to the planting media when the plants have not been planted. This should be done at least 2 weeks before planting. After the new neutral media, the plants can be planted.
Also, caterpillar pests can also attack this plant, but not to worry. You can control it by providing Furada 3G which is given at the time of planting. Mite attacks must also be anticipated. Because it can cause plants to dry up and die. Therefore, reverse by spraying Ripcord 5EC every 2 weeks with the expected dose.

Weeding must be carried out once a week. This is to control weeds that can control plant growth. Weeding can be done by pulling grass around the plants.

First Flower Trimming
The quality of the flowers produced is very important and can increase the selling price on the market. Therefore, it is necessary to prune the flowers and leave only one flower on one plant.

Cut Flowers Ready To Be Harvested
After 5 months after planting, the plants will start flowering and just waiting for harvesting time is done as in the way of planting dandelion flowers. Harvest time should be done in the afternoon to extend the freshness of flowers. The following stages of harvesting are the easiest to do:

Cut the flower stalk about 30 cm from the bottom of the flower.
Put the flowers in a clean container.
Then unite the flowers in one bond with a total of 12 flowers per one bond.
Soak the flower stalk in chrysalis solution for 2 hours, the longer soaking will be better because it can make the flowers stay fresh for 1 week.
Thus the article about 5 Ways of Cultivating Carnations and Their Care. Hopefully, this article can be a reference for those of you who want to start cultivating Carnations. Happy gardening.

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